A Vital guide for Coin Master

Building up a village from the scratch seems to be an interesting thing. If you’re one of them who love such things then this guide is for you. Coin master is a wonderful game with a strategical Gameplay. This game was first published in 2010 and somehow in the previous year, it gained a lot of popularity. As the name suggests, the important key element of this game is the coin. Coins help you build, upgrade and a lot more. Developed by Moon Active, this game is free to play with in-app purchases.

The essential thing about this game is Spin and Earn or Slot Machine. There are six different types of combos that you can earn. Let’s talk about them-

1)    Coin- This is one of the basic combos that can be earned easily. You’ll get one of these combos more often than none. Coin consigns to Gold Coin that can be earned once you spin and lands on these similar icons. This will give you a decent amount of coins. If you combed the coins, you’ll get a proliferate amount of coins i.e. 20,000 to 50,000. If you get one or two coins simultaneously, this will give you between 1,000 and 10,000.

2)    Large Gold- Landing on these stacks of gold coins is difficult and considered to be lucky. Large gold refers to a large pouch of coins. If spun, this will get you a grand payout and if you combed it luckily, you will get a great amount in hundreds of thousands.

3)    Energy- This will not give you gold coins but it will give you a chance to earn a lot more coins and pouches. Energy is needed In order to spin the slot machine. These energy slots fill up fast but take a long time to refill and you’ll get a refill every 25 minutes. The Energy combo gives you a set of amount of spins and you can earn a lot with them doing spins.

4)    Plunder- This truly is an amazing spin. Plunder is the ability which allows you to attack another player’s village. You’ll see a lightning hammer much like Thor’s, it enables you to raid other’s village. Generally, you get around 100,000 to 150,000 with it but sometimes the opponent’s shield is activated and you’ll get a lesser amount.

5)    Shield- As the name suggests, this will protect your village by acting as a shield and let you save a lot of your resources when your village is under attack. Shield combo gives you 3 shields, which means that you can protect your village 3 times from getting attacked. If you have 3 Shields already then spinning won’t give you anything.

6)    Thief- This will show up as a big mask. It is somewhat similar to plunder activity but this ability allows you to attack even if the opponent’s shield is activated. You can choose between four types of zones to try to whip from opponent’s village.

Useful Tips and Tricks

•    Try earning as many spins as you can as these spins will help you masterofcoins.top earn a lot of coins.

•    Work on your defense more and build less as these buildings don’t help and defense can help you a lot by defending your coins and other resources.

•    Upgrade your village’s every building before upgrading to another level. As once you upgrade your village, your building will be demanding more upgrades and this will give you a hard time.

Bottom Line

I Hope this guide works out successfully for beginners. Stay tuned for more such stuff.