Detailed information about the currency in Design Home


In recent time various games are added on the internet, and one of the trendy games is Design Home. In which we can increase our creative powers and make a beautiful home. The players win many gifts by completing many kinds of design challenges. It is a perfect simulator for casual play, and you will get many kinds of things. For an effortless way of playing, we need enough amount of currency, and most of the players are becoming rich with the use of Design Home Cheats. It is a quick and secure way of collecting currency. The players have to understand the value of currency, and before any step, we read about it.

Major currencies of the game

In the game, many tools and resources are used, but two currencies are most important for each player. Cash and diamonds are useful currencies, and they are for purchasing new tools. The players can unlock various things for making the game more effective.


It is prime currency and the high amount it makes you leading player of the game. The players have to do many kinds of struggles, and currency collection is not one day task.  We can get such currency by completing tasks and different challenges, and you can use various other tools for it.


Diamonds are the valuable currency for each user and for collecting it we should go with voting. The currencies are increasing playing speed and make our confidence in playing well. The game gives us some amount of free currencies and such are handy for everyone.

Value of keys

In the game, some keys are also, and for voting, we have to use keys. Such kinds of resources make the game amazing. For making the voting necessary, such kind of features are added.  The players should earn a certain amount of keys. The beginner players can use Design Home Cheats at any point of the game for any currency.