6 Creative Ideas For Concrete Bathroom Floors and Their Advantages

Concrete Bathroom Floor Ideas

Concrete floorshave become increasingly popular in residential homes not just in commercial premises as they looksleek and smart.These types of floors are extremelydurable and easy to clean,因此他們大多是首選的原因為thebathroom area.

Every modern bathroom will benefit from one of the most versatile options in the form of concrete flooring. But if you’re not yet convinced, simply take a look at the top advantages of concrete as a bathroom flooring option and my 6 ideas for the most stylishconcrete bathroom floors.

Why choose concrete flooring for the bathroom?

As I mentioned earlier, concrete is one of the most versatile flooring options as it can easily becustomizedto your liking. For example, you can applycoloring, staining, or engravingto an exposed concrete floor to make it look unique. This type of flooring is not only stylish and long-lasting, but it also withstands the elements in the bathroom includingmold, condensation, spills, etc.

In comparison to the cost of customizing other materials, such as costly tiles or marble, it makes sense to opt for concrete as a more viable option that suits any budget. After all, this is anenvironmentally-friendly materialthat provides you with thefreedom to designyour bathroom floor exactly the way you like.

Advantages of concrete in a nutshell:

  • One of the biggest advantages to concrete is thatsmall spaces can appear largersince there are no tile grout lines or floorboard seams. What you get is a polished and smooth floor that looks modern and current.
  • Another great benefit of concrete is that due to recent technological advancements, it has becomeeasy to personalize. You can add your favorite color and texture not just to the floor, but also to the concrete walls and ceiling.
  • Concrete is very easy to clean and maintain since there are no cracks for the dirt or grime to hide in. It especially makes a great choice for those who don’t like to spend hours cleaning their bathroom floor.
  • No need to worry about allergens, such as pollen, dust, and pet dander with concrete floors. These types of flooring consist of a smooth texture so allergens have a hard time sticking to the floor.

List of concrete bathroom floor ideas:

1. Polished concrete

Modern Loft Style Bathroom with Polished concrete

Polished concrete surfaces require less maintenance since they aretightly compacted. The surface won’t require any waxing or stripping, which is beneficial to the environment and provides a nicer appearance.

Polished concrete isn’t slippery even though it has a shiny appearance. This is because the polished floor ismechanically grinded and flattenedin order to increase its friction. This feature makes polished concrete an ideal flooring for a modern bathroom.

2. Stained concrete

Gray concrete bathroom interior-with a gray stained concrete floor

The staining process gives concrete floors anaesthetically appealing look. There are many benefits to a stained concrete floor, some of which include:

  • Durable:stained concrete floorsare incredibly durable as they don’t peel, fade, or crack. To further preserve their finish, they can be sealed withurethane or epoxy coating.
  • Cost-effective:staining the concrete floor isan affordable solutionthat’s especially advantageous for larger bathrooms.
  • Low maintenance:stained concrete floors provide a smooth surface that’s easy to clean with just a damp mop.

3. Stamped concrete

Bathroom with stamped concrete floor
CC Image Courtesy ofDasha Murash

When it comes to choosing a finished surface for the bathroom, you’ll want something that’s pleasing to the eye and durable. This is wherestamped concretecomes into the picture as an ever-growing popular choice.By choosing this surface for your bathroom, you’ll not only enhance the aesthetic character of the room, but it will also add value to your property.

Stamped concrete is available in many differenttextures, patterns, and colors. It can mimic the look of stone or tiles and will nicely complement marble or tiled bathroom walls.

4. Decorative concrete

Decorative Concrete Flooring Bathroom with a wooden self and a sink on it

By choosing adecorative concrete floorfor your bathroom, you are in fact saving valuable money and time since this type of flooring will last for many years. A high-quality decorative concrete floor is scratch-resistant and easily withstands high-traffic spaces like the bathroom. By investing in this flooring, you’ll save yourself from carrying out any furtherrepairs, replacements or maintenancea few years down the line.

There are lots of epoxy or acrylic coatings to seal your decorative concrete floor. This is the best way to waterproof the bathroom floor and you can choose from many colors, textures, and patterns for the coating. Tip: pick an epoxy coating that matches your bathroom’s overall décor.

Since concrete ismoisture proof,你不需要擔心任何汙漬或模具appearing on the surface.

5. Concrete tiles

Bathroom with Concrete Tiles
CC Image Courtesy ofMuhammed Ali Jouhar

Concrete tileshave been popular for centuries now and all for good reason; these types of tiles arepractical and beautiful.Concrete tiles offer a huge range of advantages that make them the ideal choice for a bathroom. They can endure heavy wear and tear plus mold or mildew won’t get accumulated on the tiles’ surface.

Since the surface of the concrete tiles isvery hard wearing, you won’t need to apply any stains as long as the tiles are properly installed.

6. Polymer concrete overlays

a stylish modern bathroom with Polymer concrete overlays

Polymer concrete overlayshave been used on concrete floors for many decades. These coatings require very little maintenance and are easy to clean. By choosing this type of floor, you’ll help keep your bathroom floor intact and prevent it from damage. In case any damage does occur, the repair cost will be quick and small compared to other types of floor materials.

Polymer concrete overlays are very easy to install. There is no floor digging involved and they can simply be placed on top of your existing bathroom floor, thus saving you time and money.

6 Creative Ideas For Concrete Bathroom Floors and Their Advantages