Guide to Mahjong Table Sizes (with Diagram)

Mahjong Table Size

If you are looking at buying a mahjong table for your home, then you’ll need to make sure the dimensions are appropriate for the style of game you play, as well as for fitting in the room you have in mind.

The table itself will need to fit in your space, but you should also allow clearance around the table for players to be able to easily get in and out of their chairs, as this is a game that is played while people are seated.

Here we will look at standard mahjong table dimensions, as well as the minimum and maximum dimensions you’ll want to know if you are going to build your own mahjong table from scratch.

If you need a quick answer, here it is.

A Mahjong table has a standard surface size of 36 inches. It is typically 28 inches high from the table surface to the ground.

Mahjong Table Sizes

What is Mahjong?

What is Mahjong?

This is a game that originated in China in the 1800s, though there are now many variations of mahjong that adopt different rules, such as Japanese mahjong and American mahjong. The game is based on tiles, which can vary in size depending on which set you buy.

The size of your tiles can affect the size of the table you need, but the variation of mahjong you play can be played on any sort of mahjong table.

Mahjong Table Surface Dimensions

的形狀應該squa麻將桌子re so that both the length and width measurements of the playing surface should be exactly the same.這些測量標準表會麻將l generally be around 3 feet or 36 inches.

This game is most commonly played with 3 or 4 players at once, so a square table with a 3-foot length on each side of the square provides ample space for each player. A table of this size will allow each player to have their own side at the table.

If you are playing American mahjong or you are using large-sized tiles, then a table size of 36 inches is ideal. If you are using smaller tiles, then a smaller table may work better. Smaller mahjong tables will have length and width measurements of 31 inches. This can also work well for players of a smaller stature, as they won’t need to reach so far across the table.

When considering the dimensions for the mahjong table, bear in mind that the total table surface dimensions and the actual playing surface dimensions will not be the same. For standard mahjong tables, there will be a border measuring up to one inch around the perimeter of the table, and so the playing surface dimensions can be quite a bit smaller.

Mahjong Table Height

The standard height of a mahjong table will be around 28 inches, with a little room of around 1 inch in either direction for variation. This is a height that works well with standard-sized chairs, allowing people to fit their knees beneath the table and rest their arms comfortably on the tabletop.

However, if you require a mahjong table of a different height, then you may find an adjustable table works well. These are mahjong tables that have an adjustable height setting, allowing you to move the tabletop surface up or down by a few inches. This is great if you want to play mahjong while seated in lower chairs or even on the floor. You could also raise the table so that you could play the game using bar stools.

Portable Mahjong Tables

If you enjoy playing mahjong but don’t have the space to accommodate one in your home permanently, then a portable table could be a good compromise. Folding mahjong tables are quite popular, which have legs that fold out during use or fold down flat for easy storage when not in use.

These tables are lightweight and fairly inexpensive, and they can be popped up easily, and in just a few seconds, so you can play mahjong whenever you like.

Another good alternative to a permanent mahjong table set up is a mahjong tabletop board. This is a board that appears exactly like the surface of a mahjong table but without the legs underneath to make it into a table.

These would simply be used on an existing table such as a dining table or coffee table, so you could play mahjong wherever you like. You could even transport the playing board to the backyard to play outdoors in summer or to a friend’s house for a game night.

The dimensions of a mahjong board surface will be much the same as a standard mahjong table surface, allowing the game to be played in exactly the same way.

DIY Mahjong Table

If you are handy with carpentry tools, then you may want to have a go at building your own mahjong table. As these tables are very simple in design, they present an ideal opportunity for making your own DIY playing table.

To do this, you will need to decide on the dimensions of the mahjong table. Consider the size of the tiles you will be using and the variation of mahjong that you usually play, as this can slightly affect the most appropriate measurements for the table. Remember that a mahjong table will need to be exactly square and have a raised lip all around the perimeter of the board to prevent tiles from sliding or falling off.

Ideally, the table should have length and width measurements of between 31 inches and 36 inches. Any smaller than 31 inches and the board will be too small to accommodate the tiles, while any bigger than 36 inches and it will be too large for the players to be able to reach their arms across to different parts of the playing surface.

Choose a high-quality felt surface for the top of your mahjong table, backed with wood for a sturdy and long-lasting build. If you want to make the table even more functional, you may consider adding drawers underneath the table surface, creating a handy place to store the mahjong tiles or racks.